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What are cookies?

Cookies are small files used by online businesses to collect information. Cookies are placed on the customer’s computer, mobile device, or tablet.

These cookies remember the customer and make it easier to browse online. Cookies help online businesses customize their website to align with the customer’s preferences for products and services.

Cookies collect information about the customer’s browsing behavior and purchase history. The information collected includes how a customer arrived on the website, which pages the customer visited, and which product was added to the shopping cart and purchased. However, cookies are not used to collect personal information such as customer names, addresses, or payment information.

What are cookies used for?

Here are the main applications:

  • To maintain effective technical transactions on the website.
  • To allow Layla and Yom to gather valuable information about the customer’s purchasing and browsing behavior, including insights into purchases, campaigns, and other services.
  • To allow Layla and Yom to enable effective advertising for specific customers.

Can I disable cookies?

Yes, you can disable cookies if you wish. To do so, you need to adjust the settings on your browser to disable the acceptance of cookies.
refuses. Removing cookies depends on the browser being used. It is easy to find online resources on how to disable cookies for your specific browser.

Please note that in case of disabling cookies, the website may not function fully. There is a possibility that making a purchase may be impossible in such cases.

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